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When we completed the Lake Michigan 1000 each Raider collected final witness signatures.  Back at the motel we then remember Tiffany and realized we needed a 2nd witness.   You can roll Lake Michigan easily with wheels up at 5:30am and back in time to catch up with Tiffany working the 6:30pm to close shift.  We met her the night before and decided to begin a new Raider tradition of excellence.   We would find excellent 2nd witnesses.  YOUR suggestions welcomed and we will host them / show them here.   We realized that we now had our first Raiderette [and if you are a femme Raider feel free to anoint a male Raider-In-Waiting if you wish].  Tiffany is ready for ALL GREAT LAKES RIDES and can be found at this location: 42.595096,-83.933637  [Drop that in Google Maps]   Send us your pics after your ride to   And send us your most excellent witness pics and where they can be found!!!   Let the witnessing begin!!!??  Using your ipad or iphone, go here to see Tiffany.

(If you wish Tiffany to be your official award ride witness, just get on the Raider list and we will facilitate or just figure out the lat /long above and visit her.  The designated Raider Roost is the perfect launch point for rides to Hell, MI and Back via Great Lakes Circumnavigation. ) 

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