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The Story Of The Smurf

Raider Karma is real.  At least we think it is.  Guys keep having their buttisimo's saved via circumstances that go beyond luck.  Raider Joe on a cross country ride is burning through tread and sees core.  What are the odds that a shop with the right tire size is 16 miles away and can see him that day and get him out in two hours?

Dancin Dave wrote about the Karma on just one ride -- it included that tire episode -- for the MOA Club magazine. That text is HERE.

So we needed a way to transfer Karma to those not on the ride. Lo and Behold somebody saw Raider Jerry with a Smurf on his bike. Well then, let's touch the Smurf for luck someone said.  And so it began.  Someone who touched the real Smurf touched the CARD and so they could pass the card to you and iwth it Raider Karma ..... MAYBE  ......

We needed a test. 

There we were in the Smokies on the annual Black Friday ride...cold cold cold.  At a dinner stop we ran into Tim Richardson.  It was Raider Karma.  Why?  Because this was Tim's last ride ever on a motorcycle.  For REAL.  (His cousin had recently died in a motorcycle accident.)   Tim was in the Smokies on his last ride to roll the Dragon and other roads on his bucket list.  What are the odds of his running into Raiders?   We made sure he got a Smurf card.  

And did it work?  Well now.  Here is his comment when he got back home:  "In addition to having the safety of the Smurf on my side, it was nice that there were few other cars on my first ride of Highway 191." 

Carry The Card!!!  In the words of the old vaudeville comedian:  It Can't Hoyt!!!

And did we mention the Shards of Touring?  The rider carrying the Shards is guaranteed not to encounter GPS Ju-Ju.   More on that later!!

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